The Urogynaecological Society of the Czech Republic strives to improve the care of patients suffering from urinary incontinence and the dissemination of specialist knowledge in the field of urogynecology. The Urogynaecological Society disseminates expertise by organizing professional and popularizing events, providing opinions and opinions on issues of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of incontinence. They are involved in the further education of healthcare professionals and other persons who are related to urogynecology or to incontinent patients.

The Urogynaecological Society of the Czech Republic cooperates with the Czech and Slovak Medical Society and other organizations related to urogynecology. The company also cooperates with foreign professional societies and associations, especially the International Continence Society and the International Urogynaecological Association. The Urogynaecological Society of the Czech Republic supports scientific cooperation with domestic and foreign institutions and universities.

Everyone who is interested in disturbing the activity of the urogenital tract can become a member of the Society or who deals with these disorders professionally. Members may be physicians, pharmacists, engineers, nurses, or medical students at least in the 6th semester or who practice the profession related to the treatment and prevention of disorders of the urogenital tract.

Members of the Society are accepted by the Bureau on the basis of a membership application. Membership is established on the date of admission. In case the Bureau rejects the application, the applicant must be informed of the membership. Against such a decision, a candidate may appeal to a member meeting whose decision is final.


Česká urogynekologie 2019

Ve dnech 4.– 5. prosince se koná již 28. ročník celostátní konference Česká urogynekologie, jejímž pořadatelem je Urogynekologická společnost ČR. Proběhne zde workshop na aktuální téma a celostátní konference s mezinárodní účastí. Pro více informací navštivte


Česká urogynekologie 2019

European Urogynaecological Association

Sledujte webové stránky spřátelené European Urogynaecological Association (EUGA), kde je možné se registrovat na říjnovou konferenci či posílat příspěvky. Více na

European Urogynaecological Association